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Who we are:

We are a new, creative, informative, and entertaining, video and graphic oriented Internet marketing company. Our professional staff has a combined media, internet, and marketing background of over 60 years in the business.

Our Mission:

Is to reach out to Internet surfers all over the world that are going to visit Orlando Florida, providing them with the service of an informative and entertaining video related sponsored style website. This is a website where locals and tourist can receive fun and entertaining information aiding them in planning a visit to play, stay, eat, shop, or have fun in and around Orlando Florida.  This website brings to life what the rest of Orlando has to offer (other than the obvious) in one easy to surf website, thereby eliminating the need to spend tedious hours searching on a variety of different websites. This website, that at your fingertips, can easily be accessed fully through the new mobile device cell phones instantly, providing immediate information as to what the rest of Orlando has to offer and what your next pleasure may be.

How we will do it:

Our website will feature high quality 30 sec. to 4 min attention getting, sponsored videos, that we will be professionally created. These videos will highlight your company in an entertaining and informative way. (Take a look at the ones currently on our site.) The videos will be geared to draw attention to your business and website. Each of our sponsor’s videos will be listed under various categories, making the viewers experience more convenient. Once the viewer clicks on your video they can view it full screen without any distortions. A description of what your about, a map to your location, and a link to your website will be next to your video. Your video will also be present on You Tube and various other awareness websites, thereby helping to promote your presence to those visiting the Orlando area.

If a video isn’t what you need at the moment, then we offer other choices that will direct our viewers to your website and business. (Please email us for info on all our packages and rates.)

The more sponsors we have the better your chances of getting noticed by web and mobile device users. The fact is, the more sponsors we have brings our website www.therestoforlando.com closer to the top ranking positions on the Internet. This drives you and a link to your website along there with us. It’s our intentions to have the world to know about the rest of Orlando and what else it has to offer other than the obvious.

As The Rest Of Orlando.com becomes more popular, we will add the feature of a web spokesperson welcoming the viewer to The Rest Of Orlando.com explaining our various features and functions. Our site now features the current and weekly weather forecast and a weekly written section as to what’s going on in and around the Orlando area that week. Soon will have a weekly short video called (This week in Orlando), featuring current happenings and specials in and around the Orlando area. Our goal is to keep our site fresh and entertaining.

Our one time offer:

Using all of are professional knowledge and skills to will not totally help us get The Rest Of Orlando.com off the ground. We need your help to do it. We are now offering a one-time low rate packages to those that wish to come along on this modern voyage.

Please go to our contact page and email us for a link to our rate packages.


Google, the world’s top search engine, has proven that the Internet has now become a video driven device. They predicted that the television, phone systems and Internet would be one in the same device and it now is. Google had so much confidence in these new mobile Internet devices that they recently purchased You Tube for 1.65 billion dollars.  Consumers now want their information quickly and conveniently. Wordy website and hardcopy print tire the consumer who has little time. Look around you. You can see what is happening to hard copy print such as newspapers and magazines. They are loosing their marketing share to the Internet savvy consumer. All mobile smart phones now have wireless Internet capabilities and they are just getting better. The Rest Of Orlando.com website is NOW at their fingertips instantly and you can be there along with us.

We feel extremely confident that our website The Rest Of Orlando.com will not tire the consumer but draw attention to you, our sponsors.

Please contact us. We would be happy to assist you through email, over the phone or in person if possible.

I thank you for this brief opportunity to present our business plan to you.

Mike Novella
(407) 756-5995


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